Next Episode 10/30/20 - Episodes premiere every 3 weeks.

"On a frigid night in early October, armed with the mysterious map, the gang sets out to chart the sewer system of their town. Little do they know, they're taking the first major step in solving Eastmouth's longest standing mystery."


Update: We'd all like to apologize for the delay in the release of this episode. Technical difficulties, sickness, scheduling issues, life, and the meddling of the town council all got in the way. However, this episode is a step forward for what the series can and will do, and so again, we thank you all for being part of the community, and we'll do our best to prevent delays like this from happening again.



Performances: "Michael" - Clem Turner, "Victoria Deering" - Nadi Tanaka, "Caleb Rogers" - Alejandro Arias, "Jared Kent" - Tomixcomics, "Xavier Du Pont" - Matthew Anderson, "Obediah Marsh/Solomon" - D.C. Tullis

Created by D.C. Tullis


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